49. Formiga

The unfathomable and unbelievable Formiga. At 39 years old, not only is the classy Brazil international still playing football, she’s playing at such a level it led her to starting this year’s UEFA Champions League final.

After spells in the USA, Formiga returned to Brazil in 2011 and it appeared the last we’d see of the genius in a major league until PSG snapped her up at the beginning of 2017.

Formiga defied science to play 120 minutes in Cardiff against Lyon, even stepping up to score her penalty after a grueling encounter.

With retirement surely just around the corner, 2017 was a final reminder of what everyone will be missing.

Patrice Lair, PSG manager says:

“Formiga was an exceptional signing for us, looking at her age and her talent and her career so far. She stabalises our midfield and is our beat in the centre. She brings all her experience and talent to the team.”

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