53. Crystal Dunn

Crystal Dunn’s year got off to an interesting start on several levels. She made the big step to leave the USA and Washington Spirit for a new adventure in England with Chelsea.

Like most of Chelsea’s attackers, Dunn was rotated during the Spring Series but was in good form the USA. Two goals on two separate occasions against Russia were followed by an injury-hit spell as the new season got underway with Chelsea.

However, Dunn already has four goals in the new season and has moved between a forward role and a wing-back role under Emma Hayes.

Even so, Dunn will be hoping for a little more consistency in 2018.

Jill Ellis, USA national team head coach says:

“Crystal is a hard-working, dynamic and versatile player. She’s gifted on the flank and has scored some tremendous goals with the National Team.”

Emma Hayes, Chelsea manager says:

“Crystal is hands-down one of the best young players to have come through in the United States in recent years. She is incredibly dynamic, she is very quick and when she gets in and around the penalty box, she is absolutely devastating. She has the ability one-v-one to tear teams to shreds and she has good versatility as she can play in a wing-back or full-back role for us, as well as playing in any of the front three positions.”

Anson Dorrance, Dunn’s former coach says:

“Crystal was just a phenomenal player for us, and what was interesting about her evolution was she was a starting a centre-back for the USA Under 17 youth team.

“We followed US protocol and played her as a centre-back, but we were struggling to score a bit so we decided to move Crystal around the field to help us. Even though she had some really good games in defence, she was also an extraordinary attacking player for us.

“Here’s a kid who played basically every line for me at college, she played everywhere. The only position she didn’t play for me was goalkeeper. It didn’t matter where we dropped her, she was incredibly effective. We would have won the championship in her final year if she hadn’t picked up a bad injury, but she was fabulous for me and she was the first player drafted in the NWSL that year.”

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