55. Shirley Cruz

The heartbeat of the midfield for both Ligue 1 side PSG and her national team Costa Rica, Shirley Cruz had another excellent season.

Her national team captain, Cruz is consistently one of Costa Rica’s big performers, whilst she stepped up at times for PSG as others struggled for form.

She was one of the standout performers for PSG as they took the battle to Lyon in the Champions League final in Cardiff and was unlucky to come out on the losing side.

It’s a testament to her qualities that she ended the 2016-17 season with double figure assists from midfield for Patrice Lair’s side.

Patrice Lair, PSG manager says:

“Shirley’s a player I’ve known for a very long time. She is very important for holding the ball and she is unique in her ability to eliminate opponents in small perimeters.”

Amelia Valverde, Costa Rica national team head coach says:

“Shirley has had a difficult year because of her injuries after the month of June, in her first part of the year she had a very good end of the season with PSG reaching the Champions League final, Shirley is a very professional player and her main characteristics are her humility, seriousness to work and professionalism in everything she does.”

Verónica Boquete, PSG team mate says:

“She is a complete player who always wants the ball to continue playing and creating chances. It is very difficult to steal the ball off her which gives the team a lot of tranquility and safety. She has been in Europe for many years, always competing at the highest level and that has given her an experience that makes her always an important player. Her Latin blood makes her also very respected, a player very dear to her way of being within the group.”

Raquel Rodriguez, Costa Rica team mate says:

“Shirley Cruz is an experienced leader who I am honored to play with! She is very courageous and brave on the field and a real leader for us.”

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