90. Sonia Bermudez

Defining her years, Sonia Bermudez ended the 2016-17 La Liga season with a more than impressive 32 goals for Atletico Madrid, just three shy of the league’s top scorer Jennifer Hermoso.

Bermudez was part of the Spain side that started off the year winning the Algarve Cup, but the vice captain was left out of the Euro 2017 squad. Given Jorge Vilda’s side went out at the group stage and scored just two goals, there’s every chance they could have done with Bermudez in the Netherlands.

Now at 33, Bermudez’s career will soon be coming to an end, her target for the coming season will be to topple Barcelona in La Liga and defend their title.

Natalia Pablos, former Spain team mate of Bermudez says:

“Sonia is an unrivalled competitive character. Left footed, she scores so many goals and has been a leader on the field for all of her teams. Last year she was second top scorer in the league and won the title.”

Sydney Payne, former Atletico Madrid team mate says:

“Sonia is one of the greatest women football players that I have ever played with or have ever watched play. The ball stays on her foot like a magnet. She is quick, crafty, clever, and extremely dangerous when she has the ball anywhere near the goal. Sonia scored 32 goals in the 16-17 Liga Femenina Igberdrola, but is also a loyal and unselfish teammate who makes the right pass in order for her team to be successful. Sonia has scored some incredible goals in her career, and does not seem to be slowing down any time soon.”

Laura Del Rio, former Spain team mate says:

“Sonia is a very skillful player and she’s always been a good one on one finisher for her club and for Spain.”

Kenti Robles, current Atletico Madrid team mate says:

“Sonia is the magic and experience of the team, she is one of those players that makes you better on the field. I also played with Sonia at Barcelona and I have to say, she is getting better and better as the years go by. Undoubtedly, she is one of the reasons as to why we won the league last season, she can change the outcome of any match.”

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