33: Jackie Groenen

Groenen was always going to find it hard to replicate last year’s rise but she has still been a consistent performer this time around. Always classy on the ball, she has had a hard time of it with an inconsistent Frankfurt side but started her year off well with a goal against Hoffenheim and a brace against Jena. She recently found the net in a thrilling 4-3 win over Freiburg and, alongside her domestic exploits, remained a regular starter for the Netherlands throughout 2018. This year might not have been a patch on her 2017, but Groenen has shown moments of quality nonetheless.

Niko Arnautis, FFC Frankfurt manager:

“I’ve trained Jackie for two years. She´s getting a leader in team, although Jackie is only 23 years old. She is a technical, dynamic and ball-winning player, who can play many different positions in midfield and her passes have very high quality. Also, Jackie can leave one’s mark on the game and can bring the decisions because of her football-qualities.”

  34. Nadia Nadim 32. Julie Ertz

Top 100 Women’s Footballers of 2018 – Results

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