44. Linda Dallmann

Fans of Essen and Germany can only be excited about what Dallman might achieve in the future. She has had a superb year, scoring 11 league goals – including an impressive hat-trick against Frankfurt – and has been propelled into the top bracket of young players in Europe. Dallmann found the net twice for the national team in 2018 and it will be fascinating to see what she can do when the 2019 World Cup comes around.

Daniel Kraus, SGS Essen manager:

“Linda is an awesome player who is living and breathing football 24/7. She is not only `reading´ a game but has the ability to take control of even hectic matches just by her presence. Although already playing on a very high level she has even improved last season and is now both markswoman and set-up woman in the Bundesliga.”

  45. Rachel Daly 43. Lina Magull

Top 100 Women’s Footballers of 2018 – Results

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