84: Fridolina Rolfo

Rolfö’s peak years are approaching and, accordingly, her form augurs well for the future. Her league tally in 2018 stretches into double figures, with several more assists, and she has been one of Bayern Munich’s key performers. For Sweden, she began her year with a goal against Canada at the Algarve Cup and followed that with a double against Russia in the World Cup qualifiers. She has not been involved too much since but, with a little more consistency, the feeling is that Rolfö could achieve great things in 2019.

Thomas Woerle, Bayern Munich manager:

“Fridolina is a goal-scoring, dribbling and extremely fast attacking player who made a huge step in her development in 2018. With so far 10 goals and 9 assists she showed her exceptional offensive talent and played a strong year overall.”

Peter Gerhardsson, Sweden head coach:

“Fridolina is very good in one against one offensive situations. She has a strong left foot, she’s a powerful striker who’s had a great year.”

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