33. Nilla Fischer

Top 100 2019 Nilla Fischer

How much more revered than she already is could Fischer have been had Sari van Veenendaal not got a finger to her low effort in the World Cup semi-final? It would have possibly been the perfect World Cup farewell for a player who will be 39 when 2023 comes around but a near miss didn’t detract from her overall performances. Her club duties were restricted by injuries after returning to Linkoping at the start of the year but she showed all the quality and experience to lead her nation to a bronze medal during the summer. A towering presence in big wins against Germany and Canada, Fischer did her best to get Sweden all the way but reminded everyone how good she was while doing it.

Olof Unogard, Linkoping manager:

“Nilla was unfortunate to attract some injury time, shortly after her arrival, and ended up playing only five games for us during the second half of the season. However, you could really see the impact she gave to the team, being the leader she is with an amazing poise. She really has the ability to help players around her to perform better and she is simply a great person and a kind human being.”

  34. Kim Little 32. Nikita Parris

Top 100 Women’s Footballers of 2019 – Results

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