52. Sara Bjork Gunnarsdottir

Top 100 2019 Sara Bjork Gunnarsdottir

Gunnarsdottir is once again the only Icelandic entrant in the 100 and for the first time drops out of the top 50, though only 20. It’s a testament to her remarkable consistency she has gained such a reputation around the world as a solid, reliable and classy midfielder who has now for several years remained a mainstay of one of Europe’s most successful teams. If anything, Gunnarsdottir has gone from strength to strength in the new season and really started to add goals to her game after a summer refreshing during the World Cup. She’s found the net six times already this season as Wolfsburg once again lead the way in Germany and appear to have a good chance of going far in Europe, with Gunnarsdottir once of the stars leading the charge.

Ella Masar, former Wolfsburg player:

“What makes Sara is great is she’s crazy. She can just shut off her mind, she’s by far the fittest, it’s in her blood. It’s through her passion and love for the game but the way she commands the respect, I’d follow that girl into battle. She does whatever she needs to do to win and I don’t think that’s a mentality you can ever teach.”

  53. Barbara Bonansea 51. Sofia Jakobsson

Top 100 Women’s Footballers of 2019 – Results

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