99. Lena Oberdorf

Top 100 2019 Lena Oberdorf

2019 has seen quite a rise to prominance for the youngest player in the 100 this year. 17-year-old Oberdorf scored five goals in two games one year ago for SGS Essen and in truth hasn’t often looked back. A technical midfielder, Oberdorf only made her senior Germany debut in April but ended up going to the World Cup in the summer. Not only that, the teenager ended up playing in all five of their games and scored her first international goal in a Euro 2021 qualifier in Ukraine in September. With so far to go before she reaches her peak, it’s likely this won’t be the last time Oberdorf features in such a list.

Markus Hogner, SGS Essen manager:

“Lena’s reputation in 2019 went straight up, only 17 years old she played her first Women’s World Cup and is still now a permanent player in the national team. For her age she is really strong and calm in pressure situations, it is because she played until the age of 16 in boys teams and it is also her natural mentality. She has everything to become a great player. One of her advatages is that she can play nearly every position, but in the last games in SGS Essen and also the national team she played central defence. Now she is the second year and for her development it was a good choice to come to Essen, because in Essen it is a good spot for young players to develop. Linda Dallmann and Lea Schüller went the same way as Lena and also became national players.”


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