18: Lindsey Horan

Top 100 2020 Lindsey Horan

There’s a reason Lindsey Horan is more affectionately known stateside as ‘The Great Horan’. Her stature and physicality make her a formidable opponent and that’s before getting to her technical skills. She was one of the USA’s most creative forces in 2020, creating 10 key chances for her team mates but she didn’t shirk away from chipping in herself, seven goals the joint highest for the number one ranked team this year. It’s not just for country where she impressed either, ranking as one of the most creative players at club level too despite a reduced schedule with the Thorns. Horan opted to play in both the Challenge Cup and Fall Series and remained a key player for the Thorns in both, making her way back into the top 20 with her impressive performances.

  19. Alex Popp 17. Amel Majri

Top 100 Women’s Footballers of 2020 – Results

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