55: Lena Goeßling

Top 100 2020 Lena Goessling

34-year-old Lena Goeßling shows little sign of slowing down, and whittling away her Germany commitments appears to have helped sustain her level of performance for Wolfsburg. Capable of playing in midfield given her superb passing ability, Goeßling has more often found herself playing centre-back and has shown the ability to dictate games from centre-back. Of centre-backs in Europe during 2020, Goessling ranked third for passes completed with over 2,000 passes and had the highest accuracy of passes into the final third of anyone in the Champions League. One of the truly great defenders whether it’s on the ball or off it, let’s enjoy Goeßling while we can as she approaches the back end of a stellar career.

  56. Svenja Huth 54. Cristiana Girelli

Top 100 Women’s Footballers of 2020 – Results

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