57: Dominique Janssen

Top 100 2020 Dominique Janssen

Dominique Janssen has often gone under the radar and makes her way into the 100 for the first time after a string of impressive and calm performances for her country as well as German champions Wolfsburg. Redefining herself as a centre-back after spells in midfield while playing in England, Janssen exudes confidence playing out from the back and has one of the highest pass completion rates of any centre-back in Europe. She can still chip in with the odd goal whether playing at centre-back or in midfield and has become just a very consistent presence for both Wolfsburg and World Cup finalists the Netherlands, and there’s good reason she’s a regular starter for both teams.

  58. Alyssa Naeher 56. Svenja Huth

Top 100 Women’s Footballers of 2020 – Results

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