The Conti Cup

Kait's summer challenge was to hone her footballing skills from park to pro for the Conti Media Cup. Kait was taught by Birmingham City defender Laura Bassett the ins and outs of the game and took her away from the comfort of her Sky News seat to prepare for the 5-a-side 'Women in Sport' team at the Media Cup.

Kait then took on a four-week training regime with the London Phoenix Ladies before taking part in the cup with Harriet Drudge, another member of The Offside Rule team.

Conti Media Cup

And Kait certainly looks like she means business here…

Kait Borsay at the Conti Media Cup

You can read the interview Kait did about her training and her experience and how the team got on in the tournament here – Great Football Experiment.

With thanks to:

London Phoenix Ladies FC @LdnPhoenixLFC

Continental Tyres UK @ContiUK and Inside Media @InsideMediaPR

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