Fan Q&A with Arsenal & England star Rachel Yankey

Last week we brought you notice that we'd be allowing our audience to conduct a Twitter Q&A with England international Rachel Yankey to be in with a chance of winning tickets to England vs Wales at The Den this coming Saturday. We were overwhelmed with the amount of questions sent in for Rachel and here are the questions she answered for our ticket winners.

WINNER Al ‏@AlAliknig

If you weren’t playing football what do you think you would be doing? #OffsideComp

Rachel’s answer: Well I don’t just play football I also work in schools coaching football so I would have liked to have been a P.E teacher. #OffsideComp


WINNER Alison ‏@AliGroovez

How did you first get involved in football? #offsidecomp

Rachel’s answer: I started playing with my older brother & his mate in the local park. When I was 8 me & 2 boys i grew up with joined a boys team.


WINNER Амelia Lancaster@Amelia_L

If you could be a different player for the day who would it be?

Rachel’s answer: Lionel Messi who wouldn’t want to be the world’s best footballer. #OffsideComp


WINNER Chris Pugh ‏@c_pugh17

Would you swap any of your trophies with Arsenal for a Euro’s or World Cup win with England? #OffsideComp

Rachel’s answer: I would love to win something with England and we will work hard 2 make sure we get the chance but I couldn’t swap the success at Arsenal #OffsideComp


WINNER Emma Clarke ‏@Emma042198

Rachel you have so much experience, so what would be the one thing u would say to girls aspiring to be like you? #OffsideComp

Rachel’s answer: I would say to have fun it’s the reason we all started playing the game and you play your best when your enjoying yourself. #OffsideComp


WINNER Lulu ‏@lulumr

Hi Rachel – after London 2012, would like to see a GB women’s team go to Brazil?#OffsideComp

Rachel’s answer: Yes definitely the Olympics was like no other tournament I have ever been to and I hope more players can experience it #OffsideComp


WINNER Dion Farnes ‏@DionFarnes

You have spent a lot of time on away trips, wheres your favourite place you’ve been, & whos your fave roomie #OffsideComp

Rachel’s answer: My fav place is hard to say coz most of the time all we see is the hotel& football pitch. Fav roomy well this is gonna get me in trouble…well I was gonna say @laurabassett6 but she has just text me to say she has bought a book to read boooooooring. #OffsideComp


WINNER Emma I ‏@eving81

What has been your proudest moment on the field? #OffsideComp

Rachel’s answer: Winning my 100th cap that was a very special day. #OffsideComp


WINNER david stratford ‏@hornet1881

Rachel what’s it like to be playing @ broughinge rd 1 minute then in front of 70 thousand the next #OffsideComp

Rachel’s answer: It’s mind blowing to think u might be playing in front of 1,000 fans one minute and 70,000 the next. It’s mentally tough to deal with. #OffsideComp


WINNER James Narayan ‏@JamesNarayan

If your life and career were to be made into a film, who would you pick to act as you and why? #OffsideComp

Rachel’s answer: Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith could play my boyfriend!!!! 😉 #OffsideComp


RESERVE Elinor Goodhead ‏@unageli

Any thoughts on who would you like to see as next England women’s coach and what focus should they take?


Tickets are still available for Saturday’s game for those who didn’t win and you can buy tickets here.

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