Lynsey takes on football freestyling with Matt Wolstenholme

Lynsey gets to grip with the football!

Lynsey gets to grip with the football!

Last week Lynsey Hooper met up with football freestyle expert Matt Wolstenholme in Regents Park for a quick lesson to try and teach our podcast presenter a few moves!

One year ago Matt set a world record for freestyling 20km around an athletics track and here he filmed some moves of himself in his latest video.

More recently Matt was at Wembley for an interview with The Sun before he scampered off to Regents Park to meet our Lynsey for an eventful day. You’ll find out more about how Lynsey got on in today’s podcast but below are some teaser photos to wet the appetite.

You can learn more about Matt and see more videos at his website and like him on Facebook

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