The Offside Yap #2

In a new weekly feature on the site, we call upon some of our contributors to give their thoughts on issues in the game which have got us thinking.. This week we asked The Offside Yap team:

Should clubs be allowed to loan their players to clubs in the SAME division?

Chelsea, Everton and Romelu Lukaku have all benefited from loan system this season.

Chelsea, Everton and Romelu Lukaku have all benefited from loan system this season.

Well, Chelsea fan Nikki Davidson believes the current loan system doesn’t need changing – highlighting the benefits for the competition:

@NikkiDcfc  The players will get the best experience available by playing at the highest level, and this is the greatest way to prepare them. Keeping them in the Premier League, which is already valued for not being a two-horse race, can help strengthen it by disseminating potentially top-quality players throughout the various teams.

Naturally she defended Mourinho’s decision to lend the young Belgian to Goodison Park

While Chelsea loaning Lukaku to Everton perhaps gives Everton more power against both Chelsea and Everton’s rivals, it is first and foremost about the best opportunity for Lukaku’s development.

Rebecca Coles agrees..

@Rebecca_L_Coles – Why ruin a player’s career? By letting players go on loan to clubs in the same division it will give them the ability to be able to play and improve their game more. What a waste it would be to have players like Lukaku and Barry rotting on the bench or in the reserves team.

Jake Livermore has heavily benefitted from loan deals. Spurs fan Morgan Hammond feels the pros far outweigh the cons:

@MorganHammond89  I think players quite rightly should be allowed to go out on loan to clubs in the same league as their parent clubs. The whole point of loaning out players is to give them valuable first team experience. If players were forced to have to go to another league then it would inevitably lead to less loan deals being done. This would make life harder for the players trying to break into the first team of their parent clubs

And with the World Cup less than 100 days away, David Lee points out how loan deals have offered great opportunities to some of England’s current crop:

@David_Lee91  A simple glance at Roy Hodgson’s 30 man squad for Wednesday’s game with Denmark shows the real value in the loan system. Daniel Sturridge, Jack Wilshere and Danny Welbeck all owe a considerable debt to Bolton and Sunderland for giving them their first real taste of Premier League football.

Greg Helmich has a different take:

@GregHelmich   So many of the big clubs buy the top young talent because they can afford to – even when they have no intention of playing them in the first team. Players should be left at their own clubs and only purchased by another club when ready. I think this would help to curve this transfer nonsense.

Meanwhile, Blackburn Rovers follower Sarah Dawkins and Newcastle fan Jess Martin also have some strong views about the current system:

@sebdawkins – To think that players are being used as special agents, receiving ‘remote coaching’ from the clubs that sent them out on loan and then to be excluded from the games against these teams is embarrassing. If nothing changes and clubs and players alike continue to act in this way and agree to these conditions, the integrity of English football will forever be in doubt.

@jessfmartin  Teams like Man City and Chelsea loan players out for ‘first team experience’ knowing full well that they will not be playing against them. They have the money to afford great players, effectively giving them control of that league.

David Lee concludes with an interesting thought:

@David_Lee91  The system must be tweaked to allow players to face their parent clubs. If a player is not deemed good enough to warrant a starting place with his parent club, why shouldn’t he be given the chance to prove them wrong?

What do you think? Is this an issue the FA need to look in to? Chelsea currently have a whopping 27 players out on short term deals – should there be a limit on the number of players a club can ship out on loan?

In Episode 28 of The Offside Rule Podcast (We Get It!) – which will be available on our Audioboo page on Thursday 6th March – our ladies discuss “Football Donations”.

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