The Offside Daily – 20th March 2014


10 of the best football stories of the day:

1) David Moyes believes that Manchester United’s come from behind aggregate win over Olympiakos can become a turning point for him this season.

2) Jose Mourinho is back in the headlines after being charged with improper conduct following Chelsea’s 1-0 loss to Aston Villa last weekend.

3) Despite having no confirmation of whether he will be in charge at Tottenham next season, Tim Sherwood believes he will be, and has started planning for the upcoming transfer window.

4) The controversial decision to give Qatar the World Cup in 2022 has come under more fire recently with allegations of bribery taking part during the bidding process.

5) Everton have announced their most lucrative sponsorship deal ever after renewing their partnership with shirt sponsors Chang.

6) Newcastle midfielder Dan Gosling has been fined £30,000 by the FA for breaching their betting rules. (Independent)

7) Huge Manchester United fan and BetFred owner Fred Done has decided to refund all bets on the Red Devils winning the title this year stating, “My Punters don’t deserve to lose their money on non triers.” (Bet Fred)

8) The match between Chippenham Town FC and Hungerford was called off after 30 minutes on Tuesday when midfielder Rob Dean suffered a horrendous knee dislocation. (BBC Sport)

9) Clint Dempsey has been given a 2 match ban for slapping an opposition defender in the testicles. (Metro)

10) Youtube sensation KSI may have found a way to replicate the pain of missing a penalty by using electric shocks as this video shows, Roy Hodgson take note. (Mirror)

Today’s Offside Daily was brought to you by Julian Myles.


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