The Offside Yap #5

Each week we ask our Offside Yappers to give their thoughts on a topic in the game which has got us thinking... This week we asked them: Having scored 28 goals in just 25 appearances this season in the Premier League, Luis Suarez is widely regarded as the division's top striker. I want to know who you believe is the greatest striker in the Premier League era, and why?

Luis Suarez has scored 66  Premier League goals in just 102 appearances

Luis Suarez has scored 66 Premier League goals in just 102 appearances


Alan Shearer – 260 goals (434 appearances)

@jessfmartinAlan Shearer is by far the best striker to have ever graced the Premier League. 260 Premier League goals surely sums up his class – a striker’s reputation fundamentally stems from goals. Sadly his career did not yield as many trophies as he deserved, but his loyalty to Newcastle won’t be forgotten. Undoubtedly the Toon and England’s greatest centre forward

@David_Lee91 “It wasn’t just the amount of goals the number 9 scored but it was the way he scored them. The thumping volleys and the net-busting penalties; the Premier League will never see a player quite like Shearer again”

Andrew Cole – 189 goals (408 appearances)

@MorganHammond89 “His record speaks for itself and I believe he is often overlooked because he doesn’t have the same celebrity status as the likes of Henry, Shearer, Cantona and Rooney. Suarez is having one of the best season’s ever in Premier League history but he is yet to overtake Andy Cole’s record of 34 goals in a league season”

Thierry Henry – 175 goals (258 appearances)

@Rebecca_L_ColesIn his 8-year career at Arsenal he was an unstoppable force in front of goal because he could create as well as score. He demonstrated finesse and ability that could only be admired by other strikers. It is unlikely that we will see another Henry anytime in the near future”

The Frenchman signed for The Gunners from Juventus in 1999 for just £11 million

The Frenchman signed for The Gunners from Juventus in 1999 for just £11 million


Teddy Sheringham – 147 goals (418 appearances) 

@BarkerPodcasts  “Always a goal-scorer at all of his clubs. A legend at Spurs in his two spells and a legend at Man Utd too. Biased being a Spurs fan, maybe throw Klinsmann in there too! And Roman Pavelynchenko…OK maybe not the latter!

Ian Wright – 113 goals (213 apperances)

@ShafLdnWhen he scored, he smiled, he laughed. Went a bit crazy too! None of the current moody celebrations that went after him! Always knew he loved scoring every goal

Ruud van Nistelrooy – 95 goals (150 appearances)

@footballwritr “Strong with either foot, incredible at hold-up play, one of the last great pure strikers in the Premier League. It’s a shame that his time at United coincided with Chelsea and Thierry Henry at their best, or he’d have been remembered even more prominently than he is now

@AlexLever “always on the end of every ball and incredible in the box”

With 38 goals, the Dutchman is Manchester United's all-time European top goalscorer

With 38 goals, the Dutchman is Manchester United’s all-time European top goalscorer


Dennis Bergkamp – 88 goals (254 appearances)

@GregHelmich “many times an unsung hero, but when it was his turn to shine, it was more often than not unforgettable. A scorer of great goals and a man who made an impact on Arsenal that revolutionised the ethos of the club”

So there you have it. No room for the likes of Wayne Rooney, Robbie Fowler and Didier Drogba. We want to know who you think is the greatest striker in Premier League history. With Shearer’s whopping goal tally, is it conceivable to see past the Geordie?

Episode 31 of The Offside Rule Podcast (We Get It!) will be available on our Audioboo page on Thursday 27th March. This week is a Strikers Special.

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