Premier League Title Race and Movies are compared in Fight FOUR It!

By Adam Barker. So, what a bumper week it's been. Last weekend saw Chelsea smash six past a depleted Arsenal who then went on to concede a pinball machine like equalizer against Swansea. Man City seem to be playing for fun and not looking like a team running out of steam and Liverpool go from strength to strength by scoring six against Cardiff, even though they opened questions about their defence by conceding three. Then came Sunderland who they breezed past by two goals to one.

So in this week’s “Fight FOUR it”, I thought I would do something different. Being somebody who is a fan of film (I mainly write about that on other websites), I thought I would combine football and the movies.

Just like the Movies..

Each season the fight for the title and relegation battles can be worthy of a Hollywood film. Who can forget the final day of the season when Man City and Man Utd battled it out for the title and Aguero hit the winner in dying seconds? I can remember that ending with heroic (or depressing depending on who support) theme music hitting in, Aguero jumping for joy, FREEZE FRAME!……..and scene!

Occasionally football and movies combine - Goal! (2005) is a case in point

Occasionally football and movies combine – Goal! (2005) is a case in point


So if the teams in the top four were a genre/type of movie, what would they be?

Chelsea | The Comic Book Movie

The boys in blue would resemble the types of films associated with the comic book movie world. They are consistently good, always performing highly. They have a single source of money that gets ploughed into the club and they are always looking to maintain a high quality standard of performance.

Much like this season in the league they have had their ups (6-0 drubbing of Arsenal) and downs (losing to Aston Villa 1-0) which resembles the quality of the comic book movies releases (Iron Man 3 was a billion dollar success but The Fantastic Four was considered a flop).

Roman Abramovich took control of Chelsea in 2003 and transformed the club's fortunes, culminating in Champions League triumph in 2012

Roman Abramovich took control of Chelsea in 2003 and transformed the club’s fortunes, culminating in Champions League triumph in 2012

So how can Chelsea end this season? Well, much like the comic books movies, they will not be going down without a massive fight. They will fight till the end and surely they will make it as exciting and rip-roaring as they can.

Man City | The Hollywood Classic 

The money bags of the league are much like the Hollywood classics – The Godfather, Gone with the Wind, Titanic. Films that had plenty of money behind them where failure is not an option. Man City resemble the classics because they too are so heavily backed with finance, they have the option to get the biggest talents to help achieve success. The films have a quality about them that many people admire but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are a fan. The unquestionable talent is there, but the fanbase and appeal is not as big, as say a blockbuster movie.

These types of films usually work on drama and suspense and Oscar-worthy performances. This is how Man City usually conduct their season. They give us great performances from an ensemble of talented players that give the fans plenty to enjoy (e.g. the shed load of goals they have scored at home).

Manchester City owner Sheikh Mansour's money has helped the club rival their more decorated neighbours

Manchester City owner Sheikh Mansour’s money has helped the club rival their more decorated neighbours

How will Man City end the season? I predict they will follow the elegantly crafted script and play it out as predicted. An ending that will please the fans and be ever so slightly, predictable.

Liverpool | The 80’s Action Film

Much like the films of the 80’s. Liverpool have regained that spark that got people talking about them all those years ago. Think back to the explosive, popular and exciting films of the Schwarzenegger/Stallone/Willis days. Everything you saw went exactly how it should have gone. Action galore and bad hair. Liverpool were a force to be reckoned with back in the 80’s and so were these films. Each week people would turn up to be entertained and sometimes it wasn’t pretty, but nevertheless it was full of action, excitement and dodgy perms. These types of films died out in the 90’s and 00’s only to have to odd resurrection that didn’t last too long (think the Champions League win of 2005). Recently these types of films have suddenly become popular, and even good again (The Expendables, The Escape Plan) and people are warming up to them.

Liverpool won six First Division titles in the 1980s

Liverpool won six First Division titles in the 1980s

How will Liverpool end the season? If they follow this structure, they will no doubt go down fighting. They will use all the nostalgic energy to try and regain some of the magic of the 80’s. Will they succeed? Well either way I am sure there will be a sequel…. there always is!

Arsenal | The Chick Flick

Now, Just because I am a Tottenham supporter, it doesn’t mean I am going to slate Arsenal for Spurs sake. I honestly think Arsenal are much like those chick flick/romantic comedies that are churned out constantly. The entire genre is predictable and almost forgettable. Arsenal have fallen into the trap of becoming a very predictable team. Year in, year out, they seem to do the same. Promising teams yet they fail to really capitalise on the days of “The Invincibles”. I am not saying ALL rom-com’s are bad, some have been very popular and stood the test of time (Pretty Woman, Sleepless in Seattle) but those films are decades old and I can’t think of a film since that has repeated that winning formula. Arsenal are always near the top, but always seem to become the forgotten ones of the top. Never really battling for the title since the 2003-04 season. A team you shouldn’t write off completely during the season, until the final act when it all falls into place and becomes by-the-book predictable.

Arsenal's title bid seems to have petered out yet again after a recent mixed run of form

Arsenal’s title bid seems to have petered out yet again after a recent mixed run of form

How will Arsenal end the season? Possibly with a whimper, no race to the airport for the final scene, more of a forgettable and frankly “Meh” of a season again. Perhaps settling for a European place and being happy with it, even though they know they could have done better.


Do you agree with Adam’s comparisons? Who do you think will win the most hotly contested Premier League title race in recent memory? 

You can read the rest of our “Fight Four It!” series by Adam Barker here!

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