The Offside Daily – 2nd April 2014


10 of the best football stories of the day:

1) Barcelona have received a shock this morning after receiving confirmation from FIFA that they will be banned from signing players for the next two transfer windows.

2) Tottenham have confirmed today that they are hoping to move into their new 56,000 seater stadium by the start of the 2017 season.

3) Manchester United manager David Moyes has insisted his side have a fantastic chance of qualifying for the last four of the Champions League following their 1-1 draw at home to Bayern Munich.

4) Bayern boss Pep Guardiola does not believe the red card given to Basitan Schweinsteiger during the 1-1 draw was warranted and feels United winger Antonio Valencia was lucky to escape a second yellow card.

5) Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge has urged his team mates to win the league for club captain Steven Gerrard.

6) There was a bizarre incident in the game between Sheffield United and Brentford last night, as the referee changed his mind about a penalty AND a red card he had given. (BBC Sport)

7) Andy Carroll has apologised to his mum after scoring against Sunderland, and Carroll has admitted it may have upset his Sunderland supporting family. (Daily Star)

8) A German football magazine has mocked Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney by comparing his dive to a fallen solider. (ITV Sport)

9) Marouane Fellaini’s performance during last nights game attracted some unwanted attention, but one Spanish paper thought he played so poorly that they refused to give him a rating. (Daily Mail)

10) Liverpool has got an unexpected ally as they try to win the Premier League title for the first time. It has been revealed that Portsmouth will benefit by receiving a payment of £1 million pounds if the Reds win the league. (Daily Star)

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