Podcast – Live from Wembley – 2014/15 Season Preview

Bring out the bunting, The Offside Rule podcast is back with a special season preview from Wembley Stadium for the first ever The Offside Rule LIVE. Lynsey Hooper and Kait Borsay reveal who the absolute steals of the transfer window have been so far whilst, much like on a school report, they chat about those who could ‘try harder’ to get more for their money. Will new signings allow certain teams to run away with their league? Five points or more constitutes a title runaway according to Lynsey, which is the second topic.
Twitter Topic of the Week extraordinaire Sean Thorne provides some live interaction and Kate Partridge gives us a European season preview.
There’s loads of great content to discover at http://www.offsiderulepodcast.com – you can pop over to Twitter @offsiderulepod and Like our Facebook page, The Offside Rule and follow us on Instagram OffsideRulePod. Out every Thursday.




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