The New Euro Show Has Landed! Lynsey, Hayley and Kait preview the Champions League

Something brand spanking new from The Offside Rule (We Get It). The Offside Rule (Euro Show) with Kait Borsay, Lynsey Hooper and Hayley McQueen is a new twice-weekly podcast reviewing and previewing all the talking points from the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. First up, things you might not know about UK opposition.. includes Ludogorets, an eagle, the Pope and Nicklas Bendtner. There’ll be some great goals this season but who will score the most? Predictions made on who will and won’t score in style. European reporters Rhiannon Jones (La Liga) and Susie Schaaf (Bundesliga) tell us what’s going on in their leagues and keep your ears open for a chance to win a pair of tickets to see Manchester City vs Roma.

The Offside Rule (Euro Show) is brought to you by HTC, Official Smartphone of the UEFA Champions League & UEFA Europa League

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