The Offside Treble – Swansea City’s coffers, an ex-England defender is causing a star and a Barcelona star bites back

After an action packed Sunday afternoon in the Premier League, attention now turns to international duty ahead of the next instalment of Euro 2016 Qualifiers. Yet before you switch your own focus, here's some of the week's stories that you may have missed!


All About The Benjamins

It’s all Dollar Bills in the Premier League this week as Swansea City play down reports of, much to the dismay of Swans fans, *gasps* foreign investment.

They’ve had a pretty good time of it over the last few years, have Swansea, but like many of the less established Premier League teams, they need cash in order to compete with the big dogs. Arguably, foreign investment doesn’t always work out well for clubs, but as Manchester City will tell you, it does have its uses.

Unlike Manchester City, over in the Democratic Republic of Swansea, the Swansea City Supporter’s Trust owns a 20% share of the club and are represented on the board of directors. For now, Chairman Huw Jenkins has told the BBC there will be no change to this set up and any investment is regarding commercial ventures. But is there ever smoke without fire?

Financial wrangling extends once again into the timeless battle of which media outlet gets the rights to show Premier League games, with Virgin Media rocking the boat by asking broadcast regulator, Ofcom, to investigate how these TV rights are sold by the Premier League. And they don’t even want to bid for the rights themselves. But apparently it’s enough of an irritation that they have to pay higher prices to BskyB and BT Sport to buy the sports channels to risk “BURSTING THE COMMERICAL BUBBLE” of the Premier League. At £3bn for 2013-16 rights, a 71% increase on the previous agreement, that’s quite a bubble.


Elsewhere, Rio Ferdinand won’t stop talking and was criticised this week by Chairman of Kick It Out, Lord Herman Ouseley, for claiming in his incredibly named book #2Sides (yes, it’s still got a hastag attached to it) that brother Anton was not supported by the organisation during John Terry’s trial for racially abusing him. Ouseley rejected Ferdinand’s accusation, telling Radio 5 Live that Kick It Out had been represented at court every day of the trial and that it was wrong of the “powerful, distinct and successful” footballer to level criticism at the “soft target” rather than those responsible.

But this isn’t the only talk of football’s nemesis, racism, hitting the headlines this week. Further reaction to Professional Football Association Chief Executive, Gordon Taylor’s claims the Football League had demonstrated resistance to hiring black managers by failing to honour a promise to discuss the so called “Rooney Rule”.

With only two black managers at 92 Premier and Football League clubs, the 25% of BME players and 18% players on coaching courses are well under-represented in club management.

But Sir Trevor Brooking does not agree that following Dan Rooney’s NFL model, whereby teams are required to interview at least one BME candidate for every head coaching opportunity, is the right answer. The West Ham legend said that despite “strong” support for increasing the number of BME coaches in league clubs, he “wouldn’t feel comfortable” including someone “for the sake of” meeting a quota.

So imagine how far we must be from increasing representation of women in English football.

Love Bites

And finally, “loveable rogue” Luis Suarez just won’t put those gnashers away. Thanks to a glitch in the design of FIFA ’15 game and some mega geekery by its players, reports the Mail Online, Suarez has even been sinking his teeth into his virtual opponents!

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