Oops I did it again

Navigating the brave new world of social media can feel as cumbersome as a game of ‘80s children’s TV show – Knightmare – side-stepping to the left (and occasionally right) out of the path of an oncoming troll, usually only to fall off the edge of something and be told by a creepy chap in a smock that you’ve got to go home to Bedford, empty handed.

Like so many others before him, West Ham chairman David Gold has learned the hard way, falling for some textbook tweet-bait.

Referring to the East London club’s imminent move from Upton Park to the Olympic Stadium, a cheeky Twit posed the question to Gold “I’m thinking of selling my house and renting instead do you think it’s a good idea?”

In response to what he thought was an innocent question; Gold advised “I can’t see house prices falling in the near future. I wouldn’t sell to rent.” This faux pas comes less than 6 months after the Hammers’ boss accidentally ‘favourited’ a tweet demanding the sacking of manager Sam Allardyce. Media training, anyone?

sam allardyce

The Look

Of course Sam Allardyce didn’t get the sack. He stayed on as manager of West Ham and it seems to be going remarkably well for him, with his team currently fifth in the Premier League. There’s plenty of time for this to change, but one man looking to Allardyce for inspiration is under-pressure Aston Villa manager, Paul Lambert.

According to Lambert, whose team have now lost their last six Premier League games and was charged by the FA this week after a disastrous game against Spurs that basically ended in an on-pitch riot, he’s fine with that.

Look at Allardyce, he suggests, who has “been there and bought the t-shirt. That’s what you do, you come through it.” Problem is, it’s a very unpopular t-shirt, and people tend to frown upon the wearing of it. I’d be slightly worried if I were Paul Lambert that the board, thinking I had a wardrobe full of Fruit of the Loom T shirts at home, might not wait for me to go and get changed.

They might suspect assistant manager Roy (Maurice) Keane had an altogether more fashionable t-shirt. Look at the beard he had – he’s definitely still got it.


And so it continues. Not content with making a laughing stock out of poor old Mark Clattenburg last week, Ed Sheeran will not wind his neck in. After Clattenburg cosied up to the bed-wetting (for legal reasons, I should point out I’m talking about bed-wetting music.

I could not confidently comment on Ed Sheeran’s continence) chart topper after the Manchester leg of his tour, last week, footage has emerged of the Wayne Rooney singing along with him in a nearby pub. I don’t think it’s going to come as a huge surprise to anyone – on the basis of this video – that Rooney seems unlikely to experience the chart success of Hoddle and Waddle any time soon.

I’ll be honest; the awkwardness is palpable, to the point that you wonder whose idea this was. I’m sorry, but I’m cynical. I’m sure it was just a spontaneous demonstration of the good natured, happy go lucky character that the Manchester United forward is, astride one of our current biggest global exports.

*Puts down graph charting correlation between presence of Pharrell Williams and interest of Premier League footballers*

Do you agree with Mark Clattenburg being dropped from Premier League duty?

Should football clubs implement new rules on what staff and players can tweet?

Jen Offord


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