The Offside Treble – Henry leaves New York Red Bulls, Harry Redknapp cancels Christmas and Emmanuel Petit has some not so nice words to say about the French

This week Jen Offord talks about what is next for Thierry Henry after leaving New York Red Bulls, what Emmanuel Petit has has to say about the French, how Harry Redknapp has cancelled Christmas and the Offside Rule (We get it!) welcome a new arrival to the team.


With news this week that 37-year-old Thierry Henry (he isn’t older than Buffon – I don’t believe it) has left New York Red Bulls after four years’ service, the Premier League rumour mill has gone into meltdown – starting with whispers of a return to Arsenal. Perhaps he is a bit long in the tooth now for a return to the Premier League, but as a North London resident I for one would welcome him back to the Emirates with open arms.

As well as the local supermarket and outside his house too, when he – with some trepidation – confronts me, after realising that I’ve been following him for a period of time. Please don’t call the police, Thierry. We were meant to be.

Reunion. After Thierry Henry contract with New York Red Bulls expired, the rumour mill was in force with a return to Arsenal being reported,

Reunion. After Thierry Henry contract with New York Red Bulls expired, the rumour mill was in force with a return to Arsenal being reported,

The media spotlight on Tezza can’t have dimmed much, following comments by former Gunners and France teammate, Emmanuel Petit (who now looks exactly the same as a late-90s David Ginola and has done ‘a bit of an Ian Wright’) in response to the French Football Federation’s apparent snub of Henry. Having parted company with the French national side under the dark clouds of his infamous hand ball against the Republic of Ireland – that saw France qualify for the 2010 World Cup – and the subsequent revolutionary antics of the team following the sending home of Nikolas Anelka from that tournament, Henry was never honoured by the French Football Federation the way many felt he should have been. Wading in on the debate, Petit branded the French as “arrogant, smug, lying and hypocritical” going on to add that perhaps France would’ve been a better run country if they’d only been “overrun by the Germans.” Which I imagine will have gone down well.

It’s My Party (and I’ll Cry if I want to)

While we’re all digging out our Christmas jumpers and questionable antler headbands, over in West London there’s a distinctly frosty nip in the festive air. As Queens Park Rangers languish in the relegation zone with fellow newly promoted teams – Leicester City and Burnley – manager Harry Redknapp is cancelling Christmas.

He’s not a fan of the Christmas Party apparently, given the propensity of a Premier League footballer to do something daft (yes I’m talking to you, Mario Balotelli…again) and the common occurrence of the camera phone. Plus he’s been here before with Spurs, who went off on a jolly to Dublin back in 2009 only to come home and promptly lose to Wolves. Always embarrassing to explain, I imagine.

Party pooper. Harry Redknapp has cancelled QPR's Christmas party.

Party pooper. Harry Redknapp has cancelled QPR’s Christmas party.

According to Harry, as they look ahead to their match against fellow strugglers Burnley at the weekend, they’re in a relegation dogfight and that they should be concentrating on this rather than who can garner the most tabloid headlines for misplaced trust in “mystery blondes.” But don’t worry about them missing out on their share of overcooked poultry and awkward small talk – they are allowed to have dinner with the Loftus Road staff.

Lucky Star

And finally, The Offside Rule (We Get It)’s very own Kait Borsay welcomes a new signing to her squad – Baby Arthur – since the birth of whom, Liverpool haven’t lost a single game. Congratulations Kait, and hello Arthur! Everyone, particularly Brendan Rodgers, welcomes you to the world. Let’s hope one of those additional three-and-a-half thousand corporate seats in the Anfield expansion has your name on it.

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