The Offside Daily – Newcastle United boss is leagues best coach, Manchester United sign forward and Aston Villa subject to takeover bid


10 of the biggest football stories of the day:

1. Manchester United will sign PSV Eindhoven forward Memphis Depay for £30m this summer.

2. Newcastle United manager John Carver believes he is the best coach in the Premier League.

3. Aston Villa are subject to a £150m takeover bid by former Chelsea business director Paul Smith.

4. Blackpool have signed Blyth Spartans FA Cup hero Jarrett Rivers.

5. Graeme Taylor has denied being under pressure by the FA to the limit the number of black players in his England squads.

6. The aftermath of Lionel Messi embarrassing Jerome Boateng is now all over the internet with hilarious meme’s. (Mirror)

7. Torino goalkeeper scores horror own goal with a slice into his own net. (Metro)

8. This female Vietnamese player scores direct from two corners in the same game, once with each foot. (Telegraph)

9. Spanish football is to be suspended indefinitely due to a TV rights spat, starting on May 16th. (Sky News)

10. This girl can; this football mad girl out-skills her boyfriend. (Mirror)

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