The Offside Rule (We Get It!) Podcast 36: Whose career has been affected as badly as Liverpool’s main striker and who shares an ego with Newcastle’s manager?

Poor injury-prone Daniel Sturridge has had a hip operation recently and won’t return to training with Liverpool until September, having only made 18 appearances this season. It got us thinking, who’s had a career that’s been marred by injuries and has even been prevented from reaching their full potential? We had to laugh when Newcastle United’s John Carver proclaimed he was the best coach in the league last week (the 8 straight defeats suggest otherwise John!), but he’s not the first footballing personality with an overinflated ego – who else has made some insane claims about their own talent?!

Sue Smith joins us for her last FAWSL round-up of the season and also brings us an announcement on the squad England will be taking to Canada for this summer’s World Cup…

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