Teammate Tales: Ellen White, Claire Rafferty, Jordan Nobbs & Fran Kirby reveal all about the England squad

Whilst there’s a great camaraderie between the England stars when they go away, there’s always room for misfortune. We asked four England players to reveal some team secrets from behind the scenes…

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Who’s the worst flyer in the squad?

EW: Eni (Aluko) can be a bit…

JN: Lianne (Sanderson), possibly. Definitely Fara, she loves being in control and she’s not when she’s on a plane!

EW: I had to hold her hand last time! Fara (Williams) is the worst, Fran (Kirby) is scared of flying too…

CR: Fara literally just sits there, dead still! Jill can be a bit annoying, Jill (Scott) is long too, she just gets in the way!


Who spends the longest packing and takes the most luggage?

EW: Steph (Houghton) takes a lot of trainers doesn’t she?

JN: Jodie (Taylor) is quite bad, she’s been living out of a USA bag pretty much and it gets bigger every time I see it, I think I could fit in there now!

CR: Toni (Duggan) and Eni maybe, they seem to take a fair bit?

FK: Toni and Eni take lots of stuff!


Who picks the music for the journeys?

EW: We only really hear Alex Scott’s, she’s in control but she tries to please everyone.

FK: We don’t really get a choice, Alex just sticks hers on and that’s it.

CR: Yeah, we just go with it, she’s good though, she’s quite decent with what she puts on so we’re not complaining!


Who takes the longest to get ready?

Group: Toni Duggan!

JN: Yeah, definitely Toni. All the scousers, the scousers take longest to get ready by a mile!

CR: Probably me to be honest at times! I’d say Alex Greenwood; the scousers are definitely the longest.

FK: I’m trying to think who’s always last on the coach now! Definitely Toni, Eni can take a while as well.


Who’s got the worst dress sense?

*Lots of whispering between Jordan & Ellen*

CR: I got told off for saying Eni when we did this with Chelsea, but she is a bit sparkly sometimes!

EW: There’s a few, but really I think we’re thinking of the same person…

EW & JN: Lianne Sanderson!


Who’s the best/worst roommate?

JN: I’ve heard Eni’s not the best, she’s nocturnal basically.

FK: I’ve heard a few rumours about Eni being bad to room with.

EW: Yeah, she leaves lights on and everything!

CR: She stays up really late apparently; she just doesn’t go to sleep. Apparently Steph’s quite a good roommate…

FK: Yeah I’ve roomed with Steph a few times, she’s great!

CR: I lived with Ellen for four years so I’d take her any day.


Who’s the least organised and most likely to get themselves lost?

EW: I’d say Jill is the least organised, there’s a few.

JN: Alex (Scott) always seems to be running to various things, she was last time anyway!

CR: Definitely Jill though. She doesn’t go away with us without losing her bank card!


Who’s got the strangest pre-match routine?

JN: No one’s really obvious with their routines. I have little ones but nothing major.

EW: People have their superstitions. I might put my right boot on first or something like that!

CR: Everybody complains about there being no fish fingers or butter before games, quite a few moan about that, I don’t get it!

FK: Some people just go dead quiet; Jill and Lianne also have a dance around. Jill never ever knows what the dance is but somehow she can do it!

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