Female players available for the first time on fantasy football in time for the FIFA Women’s World Cup

Women’s football continues to gain ground off the pitch, as Mondogoal fantasy football platform expands to include female footballers. Meghan D’Amore explores.

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As one of the fastest growing sports in the world, women’s football is starting to attract the type of sponsors and industry players that have had an impact on the men’s game. As the largest FIFA Women’s World Cup since the tournament’s inception, Canada 2015 is sponsored by all of FIFA’s major partners, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Gazprom, Hyundai/Kia and Visa. The fact that these businesses want to invest in the women’s game shows that they believe it has a future.

Several other recent developments in the industry prove there is an upsurge in the demand for the women’s game. For instance, EA Sports’ announced that FIFA 16 will include 12 women’s international teams for gamers to choose from alongside the ever-present men’s teams. This inclusion is an acknowledgement that women not only play the game, but they also play the game of the game.

Now, even fantasy football has gone co-ed – and just in time for this year’s impressive Women’s World Cup. Mondogoal, a large fantasy football platform, can mark itself a pioneer as it now offers its users the opportunity to add female footballers to their fantasy teams in what is the first ever daily fantasy game for women’s sport. With an interesting twist on the classic game, users will even be able to combine women and men on their fantasy teams, linking up with men’s competitions this summer such as the Copa América and MLS.

Throughout the FIFA Women’s World Cup, you will be able to register and choose your own teams to win cash prizes, culminating in a final competition involving the Women’s World Cup final and Copa América final worth a cool $10,000 (over £6,500) award for the winner. Several fantasy contests are conducted daily on Mondogoal, with entry fees as low as £2 (or $2 in the U.S.) and you can get all the information on how to play here. The platform itself is easy to manoeuvre and, because this fantasy league is played daily, you’re not locked into a full season – you can play as much or as little as you’d like.

Japan v USA: FIFA Women's World Cup 2011 Final

Even if fantasy gaming is new to you, one of the helpful aspects of this is that once you have selected your team, you can watch Mondogoal’s site live, where real time statistics, powered by OptaSports, will show you how your chosen players are performing. As these stats are performance-based, you can readily compare men and women players for the first time. It’s an equal playing field.

For proponents of women’s football, the hope is that more exposure to these players and their skills through interacting with this wider audience will translate into increased knowledge and awareness of the women’s game. Do you know who the USA top female international scorer is? Or, who is statically the best female right-back in the game? These are elements of the game that help draw people in and, with innovations such as Mondogoal’s expansion, women’s football is finally dipping its toe into those waters.

CEO of Mondogoal, Shergul Arshad, believes that the direction their platform is going “will raise the visibility and the interest not just for soccer but for women’s sport as well.”

For those playing on Mondogoal, it won’t just be about visibility – it will be about engaging with these female footballers in a way never before offered. This is yet another step in the right direction of promoting women’s sport around the world.

Visit mondogoal.com to play!

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