INTERVIEW: Australia striker Michelle Heyman discusses their Women’s World Cup chances

She doesn’t class herself as a key player for her team, but Michelle Heyman has all the attributes to help Australia beat the big guns in Canada this summer. Her goalscoring record at club level is impressive and she is part of a young and talented side. She spoke to us about how Australia are preparing for Canada 2015…

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You’re in a group alongside two really strong teams in the USA and Sweden. How confident are you of getting through the group and what is your preparation like as a team?

Some like to call it the group of death, but we are looking at it as Group D. We have had the best preparation for this World Cup, we were on a seven week tour and that has only made us stronger. I’m confident that our matches against USA and Sweden will be exciting, tough and physical. I’m confident in where our team is and what we can do. Like all Australian teams, we love to be the underdog!

Sweden knocked you out in 2011, how better prepared do you feel the team are in 2015?

We have watched hours of their games, we know their strengths and weaknesses. We are very prepared for this World Cup.

Alen Stajcic is in charge now, how has he changed things and how have you found working under him?

Alen is a great coach and gets the best out of each of his players. He has been working in women’s football in Australia for 10 to 15 years. He has watched us all grow up playing football; he is the one person who really knows all of his players. He knows more about my football than me!

You’re goalscoring record at club level is impressive; tell us a bit about how you view yourself as a player, your style of play?

I just love to score goals. It’s what I dream about when I go to bed. I have spent a lot of extra hours standing in front of the goal and watching the ball hit the back of the net. Most people call me a poacher, because I’m always in the right place at the right time. I play as a number nine, I’m strong, fast and have the ability to find the back of the net.

Tell us about the key players in the team. We’ve been hearing good things about Caitlin Foord, who is somehow still only 20, despite winning FIFA World Cup Best Young Player in 2011!

Caitlin is definitely one of our key players, but I would also mention Stephanie Catley and Lisa De Vanna.

Finally, should you come up against England this summer; how do you view our team and our players?

England play a different kind of football to us, but they are a very strong side. We lost 3-0 to England in the Cyprus Cup, we couldn’t find away to break down their defence. But now we know, so I think it would be an aggressive and close match.

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