The Offside Daily: Klopp’s Battle Cry, Bayern’s boycott threat and Chelsea’s £1 cuppa


Only the news you need – bringing you five mainstream and five off-the-wall news stories each day!

1. Ahead of his first outing as Liverpool manager against Tottenham Hotspur this weekend, Jurgen Klopp has urged his Liverpool players to play with ‘more fun’ in their eyes and to show more bravery.

2. A Bayern Munich supporters group have threatened to boycott the first five minutes of their Champions League clash with Arsenal, in order to ‘show what the future of football will look like’ if the ticket-pricing ‘madness’ continues.

3. Manchester City’s Wilfried Bony has admitted he is in the worst spell of his career and is adamant he has to take his chance to have an impact on the City side in Sergio Aguero’s absence.

4. Real Madrid and Wales star Gareth Bale has revealed to Wales Online that he held a ‘one-second conversation’ about playing for England in his youth, before revealing that, in his eyes, it was never an option to play for anyone but Wales.

5. After a good week for the Portuguese star, Real Madrid star Rafael Benitez has lavished praise on Cristiano Ronaldo, insisting he is the only player in the Spaniard’s starting XI that is guaranteed a place.

6. Speaking of having a good week, after lighting up the game on international duty for Italy recently, two days later Sebastian Giovinco was pulling off all kinds of shapes on the way to scoring this scorcher for Toronto FC in the MLS (SB Nation).

7. Having come under all sorts of criticism, from the way he plays to the way he dresses, it appears Memphis Depay had a genuine wardrobe disaster recently as he wore the wrong shirt when stepping out to play against the Czech Republic (Eurosport).

8. A BBC study has revealed that the average cost of the cheapest tickets in the Premier League has passed £30 for the first time ever, but it’s ok for Chelsea fans as they can enjoy – or at least acquire – a cuppa for £1 (The BBC).

9. I’ve seen it all now – Getafe have launched a tinder-style dating app called Getafinder to attract fans to their games; or in their own words, to ‘Reproduce among ourselves so there will be more of us.’ Interesting! (ESPN)

10. A referee in Italy has been suspended, essentially for showing mercy, after he halted an under-14s game that one side was winning 31-0 after 60 minutes. The Italian referee’s Association say they have suspended him to stimulate him to do better in future … sounds a bit harsh if you ask me (

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