The Offside Rule (We Get It!) Podcast 10: Real Madrid star leads Wales to France, plus new Liverpool manager’s alternate career

Lynsey Hooper and Kait Borsay are joined once again by podcast regular Mina Rzouki for episode 10 of The Offside Rule Podcast (We Get It!) 2015-16, brought to you by Continental Tyres.

10 is the magic number for more than one reason, as England won all 10 of their Euro 2016 qualifiers. Now, the qualifiers are done and dusted, so we’re going to talk home nations, play-offs, the tournament favourite and our dark horse. Northern Ireland captain fittingly Steven Davis scored a brace against Greece to send the team to their first major finals in 30 years, so we look at some of the best current captains. Sue Smith joins us for a round up on the Continental Cup and some good news from the Doncaster Belles. Finally, it seems the whole country is excited by the arrival of the captivating Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool. The Premier League now boasts some of the best managerial personalities in the game; we have a bit of fun and give these managers some real world jobs. From hairdressers to bull fighters, we’ve got them covered!

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