Football Poetry: Our presenters wax lyrical about Liverpool, Juventus & Wolves

If you’ve already listened to Podcast number 11 of the season (if you haven’t it’s right here!) then you’ll know that Kait Borsay, Lynsey Hooper and Mina Rzouki got a bit poetic over their supported sides this week.

For those who have listened to many more podcasts than just this week’s offering will also know we have a rather diverse offering of supported clubs on the presenting team. Kait is a dedicated Liverpool supporter, Lynsey a long-suffering Wolves fan whilst Mina has had a much better year following Italian giants Juventus.

The trio took time out of their weekly schedules to come up with poems about their beloved sides, Kait decided to keep it short and simple but Lynsey and Mina seemingly could have gone on forever where their teams are concerned, Lynsey in particular seems to have a lot to moan about!

Below, you can find fancy transcripts of the poems that made a first appearance on The Offside Rule Podcast this week.



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