Halloween XI: Arsenal and Chelsea stars make our team, who makes yours?

This week on The Offside Rule Podcast we discussed who would make up the best ‘Halloween XI’ in the country. It’s a popular topic year after year and with the annual event once again approaching, Kait Borsay and Hayley McQueen came up with some belters on our most recent podcast.

So, we’re asking who would make your team? In net, we couldn’t quite decide between Arsenal’s Petr Check-Under-Your-Bed or Newcastle’s Tim Cruel, a rather apt name given the injury he picked up in the last batch of international fixtures.

Other names to make our team include John Ceme-Terry, Satan Baines, Charlie Addams Family…you get the picture. To hear the full team, tune into the podcast but in the time being, feel free to come up with your own suggestions in the comments selection below.

Or please send us a tweet with your favourite Halloween players at @OffsideRulePod

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