The Offside Daily: Premier League boss calls for stronger drug tests, Louis van Gaal labels himself useless and Dele Alli’s MySpace madness


Only the news you need – bringing you five mainstream and five off-the-wall news stories each day!

1. Arsene Wenger can’t stay out of the news recently, with the Gunners boss now calling for blood tests to be introduced as a ‘matter of routine’ in professional football, as he insists the sport isn’t immune to being effected by the doping scandal.

2. The Premier League have confirmed that the French national anthem, La Marseillaise, will be played before every top flight fixture this weekend in a show of solidarity and unity, following the horrific events that took place nearly a week ago in Paris.

3. At an LMA conference, Louis van Gaal has, somewhat jokingly, labelled himself useless as a manager, as the role has changed so much now to the point where LVG feels he just delegates jobs to various departments to complete any given task.

4. Domenico Scala, the head of FIFA’s electoral committee, has described corruption as being systemic in football, something that must be ‘accepted’ before anything can be done about it.

5. With all the talk being about Lionel Messi’s fitness going into El Clasico, Gareth Bale has confirmed he is feeling ‘strong, fit and ready’ to go ahead of the first Clasico of the season.

6. It looks like Messi is ready to play on Saturday anyway, as he unveiled these classy new boots earlier in the week that he’ll be wearing specially for the game, should he play (The Daily Mirror).

7. Dele Alli’s stock has never been higher, but his old MySpace profile picture is something to behold (

8. You can never go too far to honour the armed forces for all of the work they do to protect us, or at least that’s the approach that the Newcastle Jets have taken in Australia’s A-League with this kit design (The Metro).

9. Kurt Angle, always one who was able to get a good grip of someone’s ankle in the world of WWE, hasn’t quite managed to grasp the concept of football allegiances yet, it would seem (ESPN).

10. Finally, for any aspiring journalists reading this piece, check out how these young lads go about trolling some Arsenal stars whilst interviewing them recently (YouTube).

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