The Offside Rule (We Get It!) Podcast 23: Best transfers of the window so far, the greatest and worst football chants and what pop stars did Tottenham boss Pochettino quote

Hayley McQueen, Kait Borsay and Lynsey Hooper join forces to bring you episode 23 of The Offside Rule (We Get It!), brought to you by Continental Tyres.

Two rounds of Premier League games in quick succession have brought about some curious managerial comments – and we dissect some of the most interesting. Which top manager has suddenly become more frank and even backtracked on previous comments? Fan chants are an integral part of football, with both the repetitive and the inventive. We give you some of our existing favourites and turn into wordsmiths to create some of our own. Lastly we stick to the theme of the January transfer window and give you our best pick of the bunch so far – who’s hit the ground running and who can change their new club’s fortunes?

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