The Offside Rule (We Get it!) Podcast 25: The transfer window’s near misses, we spice up the FA Cup 5th round draw, and football’s best and worst encounters with social media

Ali Bender guest stars alongside Kait Borsay and Lynsey Hooper for the latest episode of The Offside Rule (We Get It!), brought to you by Continental Tyres.

As the transfer window drew to a close on Monday, we give it one last review and look at phantom transfers – the ones that were tipped to happen but didn’t make it over the line. Did any side have a lucky escape rather than losing out? The FA Cup 5th round draw was made on Sunday, but we’re not very happy with it and decide to do a bit of tinkering. We give some sides a second chance after they’ve suffered bad luck or just to give them a little morale boost – including a local Middlesbrough side that suffered a heavy defeat… It’s hard to imagine football without social media, so it’s not totally surprising to hear that Skype have teamed up with Liverpool, and you can now download an emoji of everyone’s favourite manager, Jurgen Klopp! We look at some of the craziest football moments on social media, from an unfortunate fan’s name spelled backwards, to a player missing out on playing for one of the biggest clubs in the world.

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