Euro 2016 Best 10: England 1-1 Russia

Charlotte Duncker rounds up the best 10 moments from England’s opening match of Euro 2016


  1. England’s warm up kit was a sight for sore eyes. We’ve been looking at it for a while but still struggling to work out the answer to the optical illusion. It’s like the cigar in the wall trick all over again!
  2. The poor person holding the E in the “Marseille” sign before kick-off had one job and managed to get it wrong, holding up their letter back to front. Don’t worry – we all have bad days at the office!
  3. National anthem watch: Joe Hart with the most passionate, patriotic display out of the England team. He nearly risked bursting a blood vessel in his head.
  4. Meanwhile, a small Russian fan was tearing up and it was all too much for one of their coaches who was spotted with his eyes shut – we hope he was overcome with emotion rather than napping!
  5. Crowd watch: Fred Flintstone, a frog, a Lion – you name it, they all got a ticket.
  6. Harry Kane taking corners – this angered a lotof people on social media, the general consensus being, why him?!
  7. All the discussion turned to the bench as shots of Jamie Vardy and Jack Wilshere having a chat were shown, but there was no Vardy party as the Leicester striker was left off the pitch.
  8. Goal celebration! It was the case of wrong place wrong time for a photographer who was papping the crowd when he found himself caught up in the middle of the England’s goal celebrations.
  9. Best fan celebration? England fans hitting a very large man’s stomach with drum sticks – an interesting alternative to a drum but we’re not sure on the noise!
  10. Last gasp equaliser for Russia felt like defeat for Hodgson, but it’s ok because Joe Hart said he “felt the love” from the England fans and they would take the positives from the game.

Next stop Lens on Thursday.

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