Euro 2016 Best 10: England 0 – 0 Slovakia

Charlotte Duncker gives us her thoughts on a frustrating night for England despite guaranteeing qualification for the next round.
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1. Selfie stick – FYI Slovakia players, using selfie sticks on the pitch is NOT cool. The world of Twitter had a collective cringe at the pre-match sight.

2. Six changes – Hodgson made the bold decision to switch up the team making six changes and people just didn’t know how to deal with it.

3. Hamsik’s Hair – Let’s just take a moment. We’ve seen some ridiculous hair but this could top them all. Who knew road kill could prove to be such an inspiration?!

4. National anthem watch – Duda winked at the camera during the line up, cocky or confident? You decide!

5. Ink – The Slovakians LOVE a neck tattoo

6. New pattern – Bertrand succeeded in giving the Slovakia shirt a burst of England red. A swift forearm to the face gave Pekarik a nose bleed that he was not happy about and a red pattern on his shirt. We hope he’s got some Vanish at home!

7. Crowd watch – Prince William got himself fully involved, even putting his glasses on to make sure he didn’t miss a kick. He definitely felt Lallana’s saved shot in the first half: you and the rest of us Wills! He even brought his Granny along for the ride!

8. Vardy – Cast watch, hats off to the attention to detail from Mr Vardy, coordinating his cast to his kit. White on Thursday and red tonight.

9. Fans – They didn’t have much to get excited about on the pitch but fair play to the England fans. The Great Escape was the favourite chant of the night! That and chanting about not going back to work and staying in France drinking beer. Now that’s something we can get on board with!

10. England through! But for some reason we don’t feel like we’re celebrating! Can’t think why?! Let’s hope for a better game on Monday. See you in the last 16.

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