The Insider: Lynsey Hooper discusses life on Deadline Day

Deadline Day can be a long, long day. You don’t find out until a few days before which club you’ll be stood outside all day. The last two summer deadlines I’ve been at Arsenal last year and Queens Park Rangers the year before and to be honest I don’t have a great success rate when it comes to transfers!

Some reporters go places and you get a flurry of ‘will they, won’t they’ transfers but my experiences have been very long, drawn out days with little happening. The QPR day was hilarious, there was nothing all day and we were flipping between the stadium and the training ground but Harry Redknapp had said all along nothing would happen. Just before midnight he emerged and spoke to everyone to say nothing had happened, he did that interview and the next morning it was announced he’d left the club! He could have told us after being stood there for 11 hours…

At Arsenal we were told categorically nothing would be happening, myself and Nick Collins from Sky were there but we had to stay there for the whole day. We just did updates through the evening from inside the stadium but it was yet another day where I had no transfer activity at all.

You talk to agents, you’re ringing club sources, media officers to confirm or deny any rumour you get put forward to you. You get things from agents and put those forwards and nine times out of ten they’ll deny but every now and again they’ll acknowledge a rumour without going into further detail. I’ll have my producers ringing me regularly to find out what’s happening, what’s the latest etc. I have had it where a club releases statements saying they won’t be doing any further activity so if you’re having a quiet day you have to make a story out of what will happen on the pitch. Obviously with Arsenal not doing anything last year I spoke about what it meant for their season and how their fans will react.

I’m always on the phone to different people; I might send Hayley McQueen and others a message when I get a break to find out what’s going on or what they’ve heard. With the Premier League I’m not really in the business of rumours, we have to deal in facts so my job is slightly different in comparison to others but we do share information. It can be a scramble in terms of resources but you talk to whoever you can, I might talk to Amy Lewis – formerly of Sky – or someone from the BBC. It’s always busy even when it’s not busy but it’s always great fun to be involved in.

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