Ref Review: Liverpool not hard done by but Leicester can feel aggrieved

After a brief period away for one or two reasons, we’re back and so is‘s Mark Halsey to take a look at all the midweek refereeing decisions that continued to cause arguments in offices around the country come Thursday morning…


Mark Clattenburg (Liverpool vs Chelsea)

The free-kick is all about opinions and from Mark’s position and viewing angle it looks like a free-kick. At the end of the day it’s been given and Liverpool have to defend it and they haven’t. Had they been ready and defended the free-kick properly and Mignolet had been awake then perhaps we wouldn’t have been talking about the decision.

It’s absolutely a penalty too, when you get Mark refereeing he uses common sense and you have to in that sort of game. I thought Mark showed why he’s one of the best in the world on Tuesday, he refereed it very well. Milner’s foul was right on the borderline, it was a very, very strong caution but you have to set your tolerance levels high in a game like that and Mark has done that.


Lee Mason (Sunderland vs Tottenham Hotspur)

You look at Mark and the way he positions himself and his fitness on the pitch, you look at Lee Mason and it’s not the same. He plods around the field, he looks a little bit unfit and looks like he’s just picking up his money.

The challenge on Dembele by Jack Rodwell was an assault – do that on the street and you’d get arrested. It was a clear act of violent conduct which should have resulted in Rodwell being sent off. Lee’s in a fantastic position and he didn’t recognise it, a few years ago Lee was one of the best around at recognising those challenges and I think he’s just lacking confidence at the moment.


Mike Dean (Burnley vs Leicester City)

I think there are a few referees struggling with confidence at the moment and they don’t believe in their management and the way they’re evaluated. It’s destroying all the confidence out of our top referees because constantly we’re seeing big match decisions influencing the games.

You’ve got to make yourself good angles to see that handball, unfortunately nobody has seen it and it should have been ruled out and disallowed. On the Michael Keane push, I don’t think you could argue had Mike given that because there’s a clear push. Vardy was looking for it when he went down after going around Tom Heaton, that wasn’t a penalty at all.


Stuart Attwell (Middlesbrough vs West Brom)

I don’t think the defender got the ball until he brought Negredo down so that’s a penalty for me. It’s not clear cut but it looks more of a penalty that it’s not because he’s not taken the ball first.

I don’t think there would have been huge complaints had it not been given but it’s clumsy by the defender. It’s 50-50 but it’s a penalty for me.


Craig Pawson (Stoke City vs Everton)

I think that was a good goal, you have to look at if Lukaku is interfering with either Shawcross or the goalkeeper and is he making a move for the ball? The answer is no on both so for me it’s a good goal. If Lukaku touches it then it’s a different deal and I imagine that’s what the assistant is asking Craig.

Shawcross is possibly affected by the knowledge Lukaku is behind him but by the laws of the game that doesn’t come into play anymore.


Mike Jones (Manchester United vs Hull City)

I thought Oumar Niasse was lucky not to receive a straight red card, I just don’t understand how that can’t even be a second caution! To put in another challenge like he did and not to get sent off for it is crazy.

I like Mike as a referee because he manages the game well but he comes across as weak at times. He can be very, very weak at times and Wednesday night was another example of that.


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