Ref Review: Manchester United got the luck of the draw, so did league leaders Chelsea

Slightly later than anticipated,‘s Mark Halsey is back to review another weekend of action which saw Andre Marriner under the spotlight at the EFL Cup final and Mark Clattenburg make a return to the Premier League no sooner had he decided to leave!


Neil Swarbrick (Chelsea vs Swansea City)

I think Neil’s had a very good season but Swansea should feel aggrieved because that’s a definite penalty for handball. There was no distance but there was no pace on the ball either and Azpilicueta has definitely moved his hand deliberately to stop it going past him.

Neil will be disappointed when he watches it back because he’s not in a great position to see it. The players are in close vicinity of each other but there’s no pace on the ball, Dermot Gallagher said it wasn’t a penalty for that reason and it’s a load of rubbish.


Mark Clattenburg (West Brom vs Bournemouth)

Mark has shown what Saudi Arabia are going to get in terms of a quality referee because you can’t argue with any of his decisions. He’s made the correct calls, Tony Pulis is shouting about a penalty but you can clearly see the player has won the ball.

He’s got the early Bournemouth penalty call bang on and when Mark does go he’ll be sorely missed. Young officials always look to top referees when they come up through the ranks and unfortunately now they won’t have one of the best to learn from.


Martin Atkinson (Hull City vs Burnley)

Now Mark is on his way Martin is our number one official. He’s had a great season and it’s a great spot for the handball. You want officials to pick those up and Martin did, he’s also spot on in sending Ashley Barnes off later in the match too.


Craig Pawson (Watford vs West Ham United)

I think the penalty was correct, Craig’s got that right really early in the game but he should have given a penalty to West Ham too later in the game. Their attacker has been pulled down but he’s got the red card decision right at least because Antonio has to go for that – it’s deliberate handball.


Jon Moss (Tottenham Hotspur vs Stoke City)

I believe Glenn Whelan should have been sent off for his challenge on Dele Alli. I think that met the criteria for a red card, he’s out of control and he’s used excessive force and endangered the player’s safety.


Andre Marriner (Manchester United vs Southampton)

An assistant at that level should be doing a lot better than that for the disallowed goal because it’s a really poor decision. They’re trained to keep their flag down and wait and see so it’s hard to explain why he has got that decision wrong.

Ryan Bertrand is in an offside position but he’s not committing an offence. He hasn’t made a movement towards the ball and he’s not interfering with the defenders and that’s what the linesman should be thinking – it’s had a huge impact on the outcome of the game.

I thought Andre man managed the game very well, he probably got the Herrera caution wrong but Nathan Redmond has done him – and Lingard – a massive favour because if he goes down Lingard is probably getting a second caution there. But Andre has used his experience there and he’s done the same thing with the Jack Stephens tackle because it looked bad live but he’s got it spot on.

You could argue if he’d blown his whistle as soon as Lingard has committed the foul it doesn’t happen but he was trying to play advantage.


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