The Offside Rule (We Get It!) Podcast 15: Accidents and Clumsy Footballers, International Women’s Day, International Newbies

Hayley McQueen returns to join Lynsey Hooper on episode 15 of The Offside Rule (We Get It!). Recent footage has emerged of Mats Hummels spilling coffee down himself as he was boarding the Bayern Munich team bus – much to Thomas Müller’s delight. But it’s not the silliest footballing injury we’ve ever seen so we take you through some of the most outlandish – involving babies, tricycles and a moose! As we’ve recorded on International Women’s Day we had to dedicate a topic to it; there#s still work to be come when it comes to women in football, so we look at some of the women currently blazing the trail for us. Finally, an international break is upon us and all eyes will be on recently-appointed Gareth Southgate – can he make the step up from the U21s and deliver? But he’s not the newest manager on the international scene. We take a look at some other newly-appointed managers, including former Everton manager Roberto Martinez, and see how they’ve performed so far. 

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