The Offside Rule (We Get It!) Podcast 16: The Final 10, A Quarter Of A Century, Managerial Handbags

It’s triple trouble on episode 16 of The Offside Rule (We Get It!) as Kait Borsay returns to join Hayley McQueen and Lynsey Hooper. We’re nearing the final stretch of the Premier League season, with 9 or 10 games left for most teams. It’s crunch time, when some teams put together an astonishing end-of-the-season run or crumble under the pressure. With relegation and European football at stake, we look at some of the sides that need to put in a good run and predict the final relegation candidates. Offside Rule and Lynsey Hooper favourite Mick McCarthy celebrated 25 years in football management this weekend, so who else has been in it for the long haul? We look at some long term managers and their career highs and lows, including an English football stalwart who’s managed too many clubs to count! Pep Guardiola said Manchester City’s draw against Liverpool was “one of the most special days of his life”, to which Jurgen Klopp replied “he’s Spanish, they’re more emotional than Germans!” with a laugh. What other funny, cheeky or downright rude things have managers said about each other? Hint: Jose Mourinho features heavily in this topic!

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