The Offside Rule (We Get It!) Podcast 19: Life’s A Beach, Can Showed He Can!, Heavyweights

Lynsey Hooper is back to front episode 19 of The Offside Rule (We Get It!) with Kait Borsay and Hayley McQueen. As the football season quickly reaches its conclusion, there’s plenty of teams with nothing left to play for; they’ve already been relegated, promoted, or have just reached that 40 point milestone. We look at the teams coasting to the finale, including the Midlands side who’ve lost 4 in a row and broken a club record for not scoring! The players who certainly aren’t on the beach are the women’s footballers, who are gearing up for Euro 2017 and a new FAWSL season; Sue Smith is back on the pod to give us some FAWSL insight. Everyone, including Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, was gobsmacked to see Emre Can’s fantastic bicycle kick goal. What other moments in football have made us do a double take? Finally, everyone and their granny was talking about Anthony Joshua’s heavyweight triumph in this weekend’s boxing, and it got us thinking about heavyweight football clubs across Europe. And just for fun, we look at the footballers who would make good boxers – including an actual footballer-turned-boxer, and a player who grew up boxing and could return to it if his career ends unexpectedly early.


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