Ref Review with Mark Halsey: Liverpool manager needs to show some respect

As the Premier League now quickly winds down to what is turning into a rather tepid finale, the only excitement right now seems to surround the man in the middle. On a weekend which saw another relegation spot sealed and the title all but decided, a few referees caught the eye of‘s Mark Halsey…


Anthony Taylor (West Ham United vs Tottenham Hotspur)

I thought Anthony was inconsistent again, that’s been one of his problems this season. The accuracy of his decision making and his recognition of careless and reckless hasn’t been there.

I thought Lloris was lucky, he’s come flying out and got a touch on the ball but he’s also followed through on Lanzini. Then Mark Noble does the same thing and is rightly cautioned but he could have been sent off for serious foul play and endangering the player’s safety.

Dier’s done him a massive favour by getting straight up, but he cautions Noble for a reckless challenge yet lets Lloris get away with one. You can argue Mark was lucky, another referee on another day would have sent him off but Dier’s done him a big favour.

Kyle Walker’s challenge was a good 50/50 challenge, it wasn’t a caution at all and as I said, Anthony’s had a problem from the first day of the season in terms of his consistency and that hasn’t changed. He’s got to make sure he referees the match when it gets to the FA Cup final and not the occasion.

Paul Tierney (Bournemouth vs Stoke City)

Once again you have to look at this recognition, he’s in a great position to see Arter’s challenge. Two or three weeks ago he sends Tom Huddlestone off for a challenge that’s nowhere near as bad as Harry Arter’s, that’s definitely a reckless challenge with excessive force that endangers the player’s safety.

If there was ever a challenge that deserved a red card it was that one on Joe Allen, he can’t get banned now because Paul has dealt with it. The only time they can change the decision is if the officials haven’t seen the incident, they won’t re-referee the game so that decision will stick.


Bobby Madley (Liverpool vs Southampton)

I’d like to have seen Bobby make his mind up a little bit quicker on that penalty, he took 4-5 seconds and it wasn’t until the Liverpool players rushed at him that he decided to give the handball.

He’s been a little bit hesitant in his decision making, then you’ve got Forster and Milner who know each other well and clearly Southampton players weren’t happy with that decision. He’s scuffed the penalty spot hoping that he can put him off and it worked, I don’t think Bobby saw it but his assistant has and Forster deserved his caution there. But you’d take that as a goalkeeper because he saved it!

Mignolet’s handball was so, so tight to call in terms of distance to the ball that it’s one of those you just don’t give unless you’re absolutely 100% sure of the decision.

Jurgen Klopp needs to start showing a bit more respect to the officials, if that was Jose Mourinho he’d have been in the stands. He’s showing total disrespect for the officials, he’s always complaining and having a go at the fourth official, the official tries to reason with him but he just walks away laughing his head off.

In my opinion the select officials have got to get firmer with Klopp, yes he wears his heart on his sleeve but it’s gone a bit far now, it’s week in, week out. He’s got to set an example, he’s thrown a water bottle but he’s got away with it, the FA have got to be consistent because if that was Mourinho he would have been charged.


Andre Marriner (Arsenal vs Manchester United)

It wasn’t exactly like the old days and it wasn’t a difficult game for Andre. He’s controlled the game very well, maybe a couple of Arsenal players were lucky to escape a caution early on but nobody is really talking about the referee so Andre will be happy about that.


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