The Offside Rule (We Get It!) Podcast 21: Stories Of The Season, I Told You So, Finest Moments In Football

Summary Sky Sports stalwart and King of Deadline Day Jim White joins Kait Borsay and Lynsey Hooper on The Offside Rule (We Get It!) end of season special. Jim gives us his thoughts on Wenger’s 2-year contract extension, Pep and Mourinho before we get into our season round-up. It’s been an interesting, intriguing, and downright bonkers season across the board, with stories we’ll remember for years to come. We give you our favourite stories of the season, and the ones you might have missed; from managerial surprises to unhappy star players. Arsene Wenger vindicated himself by winning the FA Cup this season and has been rewarded with the aforementioned contract extension. We look at some of the best managerial “I told you so!” moments, including one of the best managers of our time after his rocky start at Manchester United. Finally, we get a bit more nostalgic and look at our finest moments in football both as journalists and as fans; who put Jim through 90 minutes of torture, and which world-beating ex-player did Jim leave in a Scotland nightclub?


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