Why Bournemouth’s Eddie Howe won’t consider the England job yet

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The south coast manager remains focused on defying expectations in the league whilst expressing his concern that it’s getting harder for English managers to make it in the game, writes Charlotte Duncker.

It took just one year of Premier League management before Eddie Howe was linked with one of the biggest jobs in football: England manager.

The 39-year-old guided Bournemouth from League One to the Premier League in just three years and has been recognised as one of the best English managers in the game.

Consequently the former defender found himself as one of the leading candidates to replace Roy Hodgson after he stepped down in 2016.

While the father of two is flattered to be in consideration, he’s got a lot more on his to do list before even contemplating a move to international football.


Speaking to The Offside Rule Exclusives he explained: “I couldn’t believe it, because I felt it was too early to be linked with that top job.

“Mentally it’s too early for me to be considered for that role. I’ve got so much to improve, achieve and learn before being linked to that.

“It’s the pinnacle of jobs but for me it’s not right at this moment, because I’m very hands on every day and I like that responsibility of day-to-day work and the international job is totally different.”

Lack of English talent at the top 

While flattered to be linked with such a big job, Howe believed it emphasised a big hole in the football league; the lack of English managers.

Howe is one of just four English managers in the Premier League and only 15 out of the 24 Championship sides are managed by Englishmen.

Howe added: “I would love to see more English guys managing at the top level, the power of the Premier League and the money in it means they are going to bring the best people here and that’s a challenge for us all to improve.”

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Lifting the Cherries up the table

Howe’s focus now remains on Bournemouth as he attempts to improve on last season’s impressive ninth place finish.

While most would never have predicted Bournemouth would do so well in the Premier League, Howe is refusing to believe that ninth is the best it can get.

“We can’t think like that,” he said.

“League positions are a difficult one to measure because you don’t know how the season is going to unfold or how the table is going to look. The main thing for me for this season is the principles remain the same.

“Hard work and talented players giving everything for the supporters and working hard for the club, leaving everything on the pitch and not getting ahead of ourselves and being complacent.

“If we hit those things we will achieve our goals. What those goals are exactly?  Well, that’s a difficult one to measure.”

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