Jon Moss got Liverpool red card spot on, says Mark Halsey in Ref Review

A little later than planned, but Mark Halsey from is back after he made a brief return to officiating at the weekend to run the rule over just a couple of games from last weekend’s Premier League action…


Manchester City vs Liverpool (Jon Moss)

There’s been a lot of talk about the red card, a lot of pundits giving their opinion but Jon got the sending off absolutely spot on.

I watched it live and my first thought was it was a caution for a reckless challenge, and Jon’s body language told me he was thinking the same. He went to his right hand pocket, but he took a couple more seconds and saw the injury, then he changed his mind and produced a red.

Jon gave himself thinking time, had there been no injury he wouldn’t have been sent off. I thought Jon refereed the game very well, I’ve been critical of him in the past for having a good game followed by three or four indifferent games, but he’s started the season well.

Leicester City vs Chelsea (Lee Mason)

I think Lee missed a potential handball but it was a penalty for Leicester. The goalkeeper didn’t need to go for it and you need to look at Courtois rather than Lee Mason.

Vardy’s not going to get the ball but he’s caught him, it’s inside the penalty box and it has to be a penalty.

Swansea City vs Newcastle United (Mike Jones)

The incident between Matt Ritchie and Alfie Mawson, a similar incident to Mane but a completely different outcome. I support both referees and I support Mike because the outcome was different.

It’s got to be a reckless challenge which is endangering the player’s safety with excessive force and brutality. How can the referee send off a player who has made no contact or minimal contact with the opponent? No referee would have sent Ritchie off for that incident, because the outcome was different.

A lot of people hide behind the law book, but when you referee at the top level it’s completely different. You can use a bit of common sense and well done to Mike Jones for not overreacting.

Game 4 Grenfell and Bradley Lowery Charity Matches (Mark Halsey)

I enjoyed it and the players gave me a lot of praise! I had to book Jose, he was time wasting and he showed some dissent after the second goal. But he took it in good spirits, I have to say it was stage managed by myself.

The second game was good too, it was a fantastic weekend for two really excellent causes.


You can follow Mark at @RefereeHalsey


1 Comment on Jon Moss got Liverpool red card spot on, says Mark Halsey in Ref Review

  1. Considering Moss was going to give a red to any Liverpool player (take your pick as to which one) before the end of the game the referees club are going to side with him. Some clubs give out superior brown envelopes>

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